Open infrastructure software in the public interest


The Internet, and our vital systems for water, energy, and communication, require safe software - free from for-profit motives.




What we do

We develop and maintain digital commons, open-source software and open standards for these vital systems.

Infrastructure projects

Time synchronization

Reliable, securely synchronized time is a building block for the Internet and other critical infrastructure.

Project Pendulum builds modern implementations of the Network Time Protocol and Precision Time Protocol and creates open services that boost secure time synchronization.


Privilege boundary

The sudo and su utilities mediate a critical privilege boundary on almost every open-source operating system that powers the Internet.

Sudo-rs is a sudo alternative that doesn't suffer from memory safety vulnerabilities and is designed to minimize attack surface.


Data compression

Compression algorithms are used in a vast number of protocols and file formats throughout all of computing. Implemented in C, these libraries encounter regular security issues despite receiving extensive industry-wide scrutiny.

Our project plans to create memory-safe implementations of compression libraries bzip2, zlib, xz, and zstd.


Ecosystem projects


Teach-rs is a university course for computer science students, introducing the Rust Programming Language, and is available for anyone who wants to teach Rust.


We believe that software must become safer; that this is paramount in critical infrastructure; and that Rust is an outstanding choice of technology for this purpose.

Our technology

Who we are

The Trifecta Tech Foundation was founded in April of 2024 by Erik Jonkers (chair), Hugo van de Pol (secretary) and Marlon Baeten (treasurer) as the long-term home for the non-profit work originating from Tweede golf.

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